Whether it’s your first home or your last home, buying property can be an exciting but stressful experience. At Mark A Quinn Solicitors we aim to be as transparent about our fees and the process as possible. We specialise in property transactions including the purchase and sale of new and previously owned houses and apartments. We aim to be fully transparent in respect of fees, please see below for details.

Your case will be dealt with by one of our qualified Solicitors who will keep you abreast of progress and developments on your sale or purchase


Purchase of Second-Hand Property

€1,500 + VAT and Outlay

Properties with a value of over €1,000,000 quoted separately.

Property Sale

€1500 + VAT and Outlay

Properties with a value of over €1,000,000 quoted separately.

New Build Purchase

€1,300 + VAT and Outlay

A free Will is available upon request and is included in the above fee.

Re-Mortgage €900 + VAT and Outlay


*If you intend to sell your property you should contact your solicitor as soon as possible as it takes an average of 6 weeks to obtain your Title Deeds from the Bank.*


The following are fees that you can expect to pay to the Land Registry and Revenue, these fees are collected by your Solicitors in any purchase or sale and paid on your behalf. Not all of the below charges will be applicable to your conveyance, details of the charges applicable to your particular conveyance will be provided by Section 150 letter given to you at the outset of your matter. These standard charges are set by the agencies to whom they are payable and do not differ as between Solicitors’ practices.



Registration Fees – Transfer of Ownership

Purchase Price: €50,000 – €200,000

Purchase Price: €200,001 – €400,000

Purchase Price: Greater than €400,000






Registration of a Mortgage Charge €175.00
Searches €175.00
Sheriffs Office Searches €35.00 per person on title
Commissioner for Oaths €10.00 per sworn document
Same Day Transfer Fee – Bank EFT €20.00
Registered Post, Couriers and Sundry Outlays €80.00

Stamp Duty

Up to 1,000,000

Excess over 1,000,000


1% of the Purchase Price

2% of the Purchase Price

*First Registration – Form 3

*First Registration Form 1 & 2





Removal of a Mortgage / Charge €40.00
Copy Folio & File Plan €40.00
Bank fee to release the title deeds €63.00
Searches €175.00
Sheriff’s Office Searches €35.00 per person on title
Commissioner for Oaths €10.00 per sworn document
Same Day Transfer Fee – Bank EFT €20.00
Registered Post, Couriers and Sundry Outlays €80.00



Upon a successful bid for a property, you will pay your booking deposit (this is fully refundable up until sign and exchange of contracts) to the auctioneer estate agent. They will request your solicitors’ details. You should then contact our offices to provide us with details of the purchase and we will send you a section 150 letter which will inform you of the documentation we require to open a file for you together with a breakdown of costs in line with those listed below which apply in your case.

You can then advise your auctioneer estate agent that our firm will be handling your purchase and provide them with our contact details. They will send us a copy of the sales advice note detailing the property price and location together with details of the solicitor acting for the vendor.

At this point, we can make contact with the vendor’s solicitor and seek contracts and draft the documentation required to proceed. Upon receipt of contracts and title documents, we review them and your solicitor will insert special conditions into the contract as required for your particular purchase.

Once the special conditions are agreed the contract can be signed in duplicate and advised on any exchanged the contract deposit of 10% is paid to the Vendors Solicitor to be held on trust until the conclusion of the transaction. The Vendors Solicitor will also arrange for their client to sign and will return a copy of the contract to us. It is at this point that you are bound to complete the transaction. In the normal course of a conveyance, the property “closing” is usually four weeks from the date of signing of the contract. This is the point at which you should receive the keys to your new property.


What are Registration Fees and Outlays?

Ireland has an online system of property registration. This online system became compulsory for all counties in 2009. This means that any property which has been bought since 2009 needs to be registered. The Land Registry is a state-backed guarantee as to ownership and the register is deemed conclusive of ownership, it registers (among other things) the name of the owners of the property, a red line boundary of the property in ownership (for indicative purposes only) and any charge or mortgage against the property, this comes as a complete document called a Folio.

If you are buying a property that has been conveyed since 2009, then it is likely that the transfer will have been registered in the land registry and an application for first registration will not be necessary. If this is the case, then there will be no first registration fee applicable.  If the property is not registered in the land registry, then we will make an application for first registration on your behalf and you will be required to discharge the associated fee to the land registry in respect of this transaction.

Searches are carried out in a number of different bodies to ensure that planning permission affecting the property including issues like zoning are transparent, that the property isn’t subject to any licenses, that no compulsory purchase order has been levied against the property. A Sheriff’s Office and Bankruptcy searches are also carried out to ensure that none of the parties are reported insolvent, has any outstanding fines, or has outstanding judgments against them which might affect the property.


How long does first registration take?

There are two routes to first registration, the first is via a Form 3 application, this deals with simple transactions of under €1,000,000. During this process, the solicitor reads the deeds (also known as the title) to the property and certifies to the land registry that all is in order. Prior to Covid this normally took 12-15 weeks however, delays caused by reduced staff operating in the land registry at this time means that this process may take longer.

The second system is for properties over €1,000,000 or where there is anything in the title which needs further explanation. In this instance, the land registry will look for certain deeds to the property and their internal team will review the documents and liaise back and forth with the Solicitor in relation to any queries they may have, as they arise. When the title department of the Land Registry is satisfied, they will then send the application to their mapping department and once this is complete a Folio will issue. This is a longer process and the time taken to complete will depend on the complexity of the title, it often takes a year or more to complete these applications.


What documents does my Solicitor need from me if I am selling?

The most important thing when selling is to contact your Solicitor at the same time you instruct your Auctioneer. It takes an average of 6 weeks to obtain your title deeds from any institution.


We will also require the following during the course of the transaction:

  • Copy Passport or Drivers Licence and proof of address.
  • PPS Number
  • LPT confirmation of payment
  • NPPR Certificate of Exemption or Confirmation of Payment
  • Confirmation in respect of household charge.
  • BER Certificate and Report (if your property is less than 10 years old a valid certificate may be included with your title documents).
  • Details of any mortgage over the property including mortgage account number.
  • Details of the Solicitor who holds your title documents, if you have a mortgage outstanding, the bank will usually hold your title documents.
  • Marriage Certificate, Decree of Divorce or Separation, evidence of Civil Partnership and any Co-habitation agreements which may be in place.
  • Details of any management company which manages the property together with details of the service charge payable if applicable.
  • If you have a septic tank, then we require evidence of its registration. If you have not registered you need to log onto to begin registration.
  • Copies of Planning Permission for works done to the property since it has been in your possession.

We also provide services in relation to:

  • Commercial Property Sale and Transfer
  • Letting Agreements
  • Co-ownership agreements
  • Voluntary transfers
  • Boundary Adjustment