Our dedicated team of Solicitors will listen carefully to your instruction and draft a clear, concise, and legally sound will, reducing the likelihood of future disputes. Prices in respect of Will drafting are between €150 – €300 plus VAT depending on the amount of time taken to draft.

This can be bundled with an Enduring Power of Attorney for €600.00 + VAT



Enduring Power of Attorney:

An Enduring Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows an individual to choose to appoint a specific individual (usually a close family member) to look after both your personal and financial affairs in the event that for any reason you lose your mental capacity in the future. You are required to visit a doctor to obtain a certificate prior to completing this document, this is not covered in the drafting fee.


Things to note:

  • You can place any restriction on dealing with your property or personal care decisions that you would like; the EPA shall be tailored to you.
  • Two people will receive notification that you have executed the Enduring Power of Attorney, this is to ensure that no one has unduly influenced you into entering into it.
  • An EPA cannot be registered unless two doctors certify that the donor (you) no longer have mental or physical capacity.
  • Often, if the situation arises where a person loses mental capacity and has not executed an Enduring Power of Attorney, an application will be made by the family member to have that person made a Ward of Court. This High Court process can be very costly so it is always a good idea to take control of your future by executing an Enduring Power of Attorney where you will have the opportunity to state the powers and restrictions which are right for you.



When your loved one passes it can be devastating for your family, the last thing on your mind may be the administration of their estate. We can help to take care of all aspects of the administration of the estate including clearing outstanding debts, taxes and ensuring the assets are distributed amongst named beneficiaries.

We will apply to the court and obtain a grant of probate on your behalf by submitting the necessary documentation or, in the absence of any Will, it may be necessary to apply for a grant of administration.

If the person named as executor in the will is unable or unwilling to act it is possible to transfer this right to another person. We can guide you through this process in a comprehensive and efficient manner.